Pallet Furniture

Fri 04 2010

Studiomama has created a series of lighting pieces and furniture that re-imagines this simple wood product. the ‘pallet’ series features chairs, lights and stools and the instructions for most of the pieces are available to purchase. These ubiquitous, rough pieces of discarded packaging are transformed into clean-lined products designed to be manufactured in a unique manner. Nina Tolstrup

Sprawling invitingly in reclined elegance, the Breathe sofa is everywhere, every function, every occasion, and every place. Equally at home inside or out, this lounging, languid body at full stretch presents a hammock of opportunity, a canopy of chill draped across a month of lazy Sundays and eternal afternoon naps. Helen Kontouris


Fri 04 2010

The cascading geometry can be arranged in multiple configurations, with the look of a deconstructed Rubik’s cube. Polytopia is made from recycled plastic using standard rotational moulding techniques.  Lucas Chirnside