Usually a chest of drawers consists of an exterior frame, back panel and runners on each drawer. The height is limited to the size of the frame and the drawer can only be opened in one direction. ‘Stack’ is offered in two standard sizes (8 drawer unit and 13 drawer unit) together with two multi-colour variants. Shay Alkalay

Office Chair

Tue 04 2010

We want a comfortable chair, its innovative kinematic spine bends and flexes to your every move. There’s nothing to tilt, nothing to tweak. adjustable office chair is like the driver’s seat of a car. Herman Miller Inc

Media chair

Tue 04 2010

Media chair with built-in sound system. Space for computer, game station and screen. A separate little room that efficiently contains noise from within thanks to its shape and upholstery. A hip style-maker for a lobby or a library. Johan Berhin och Esbjörn Beckmann