Peggy table

Tue 04 2010

Made from ash wood, the Peggy series is designed for both residential dining and commercial use; a workbench version is available with tops in custom sizes and optional cable management.  PearsonLloyd

Plank chairs

Tue 04 2010

Plank chairs do not try to blend homogeneously into their environment, their purpose is rather coexistence and exchange, an exciting interplay between functionality and aesthetics. The issue here is harmony of form and function, reduction to the essential, a simplicity that expresses the technological research behind it. PearsonLloyd

Surface chair

Tue 04 2010

This product is an evolution of the Surface Table, a collaboration between designer Terence Woodgate and famed Formula One designer John Barnard. The same materials and processes define the supreme strength and slim, elegant form. The chair’s slender profile and highly polished finish reveal the structure of this exceptional material inherent in layered carbon fiber. Terence Woodgate and John Barnard

404 H barstool

Tue 04 2010

The seat is completely embedded into the depth of the legs, which provides the necessary stability and mirrors the backrest of the 404 chairs. As with all the other chairs in the 404 family, this barstool is produced entirely from moulded plywood, including beech. Stefan Diez 


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