Tititkaka Bench

Wed 04 2010

The new Titikaka bench, in teak lathes with an aluminium frame, contradicts the rigid shape of traditional outdoor benches. Perhaps the waves of the bolivian lake inspired this ingenious piece where the surface of the seat seems to almost ripple with wonderful effect of wind over water. Naoto Fukasawa

Superia II is a frame bed that is superior to the rest. The springiness, durability and “softness” of the springs are key factors when it comes to how well you sleep at night and, in turn, how good you feel during the day. Hastens

Cord Chair

Wed 04 2010

The cord chair is made from hard maple and steel, the aim was to show off the flawlessness of the wood material, instead of exposing the chair’s underlying metal frame. To achieve this they decided to hollow out each piece of wood to clad the steel structure. Maruni