Cobi chair

Fri 04 2010

Steelcase Cobi Office Chair accommodates the various movements of each individual sitter. Intuition is key when it comes to the supportive system of this chair; a weight-activated mechanism upholds perfect posture, without limiting the body’s full range of motion. 14 vibrant shades add life and color to the office. Pearson Lloyd

Three tea bowls, tallest 13cm. All pots shown are either incised and inlaid with oxides, or painted with oxides over the raw glaze. Stephen Brayne

Karen Atherley teapot

Fri 04 2010

Karen distincive and decorative style is influenced by the curvy figures of Greek antiquity. This piece are all intended for use  teapot,are vividly coloured and decorated with flowing mainly female figurative nudes. Karen