Grey water systems in homes make so much sense, but are often met with resistance from city officials. Not only does the system look great, it also functions simply  just wait to use the bathroom until after you’ve showered. Alison Norcot

Musha is a pendant light that suspended from the ceiling as a center-piece in the interior, with the size of 120cm in diameter makes Musha an eye-catcher. Musha forms represent a giant mushroom made of industrial wool felt that has adjustable high-power LEDs downlight in the center and programmable T-type LEDs string light snug underneath the ribs of the mushroom. Musha has the aesthetic of mood lighting as well as the function as downlight. Aran kamonchan

PETL sofa set

Mon 05 2010

PETL, the multifunctional sofa resembles a big blossoming flower, as suggested by its name, with nine petals. Featuring a water-resistant body, the Petl can be placed in a park or a garden to be used as a public bench or seating. And if you want to position it indoors, Petl turns into a 2-3 seater sofa, daybed or single bed. Moreover, the flexible furniture unit looks pretty compact and portable and can be shifted from one place to another without putting in too much of an effort. Kei kai Fung