The Shower Powered Grey Water Diverter is powered by the very resource that it is saving. This system utilises the potential energy of the mains water supply in order to elevate shower generated grey water to a height where it can then be gravity fed to water the garden or reused to flush the toilet. Benjamin Hill

The Rotary Kettle

Tue 05 2010

The Rotary Kettle is designed to cater for people with impaired hand strength. It has been to reduce the effort needed during its operation, where all that is required is a simple rotation of the kettle body to pour boiled water.
No lifting necessary!. Adrian Lim

Ribbon Ceiling Fan

Tue 05 2010

The ‘Ribbon’ is a next generation Ceiling fan, its innovative fluid blade design gives the product a style and operation unique to itself. The undulating wave of the blade reminiscent of a ribbon fluttering in the wind controls-directs where the air is displaced. Benjamin McMahon