Barrington Chair

Fri 05 2010

The Barrington Chair has a bent wood backrest, which ensures comfort and good posture and is made from American hardwood. The design is protected with a hand applied durable oil finish which captures the raw beauty of the wood’s grain. Dunn

Ikebana light

Fri 05 2010

The Ikebana’s unique flat panel LED light  gives off a very soft and natural light and is fully dimmable.  It can be adjusted to any position and the flower head pivots and tilts in two axes.  The Ikebana light merges poetics with technology, decoration with function and aesthetics with ideology, in creating a symbolic beauty. Peter Stathis

Red earthenware 28cm x 18cm x 18cm.Thrown in red earthenware and decorated with coloured slips and a honey glaze. Artform 3D object  Ceramic. Hannah McAndrew