This system, based on split and laminated bamboo, can be used in various applications, from furniture, to lightweight shelters, to modular systems,  hand-crafted and sustainable. Sandeep Sangaru


Bamboo stool

Wed 06 2010

Bambool is a stool made with natural bamboo tube that is partially treated and woven by hand.The most striking features of this extra lightweight stool are its bamboo tube legs and the weaving structure that connects them under the seat. Chou Yu-Jui, Su Su-Jen

Air Chair

Wed 06 2010

The technique for this piece relies on the close interlocking of seven curved wooden laths aseembled in decreasing height. Material is honed to the strict essential, but the rhythm of the laths creates a visual effect. Stacked Air Chairs save space and provide graphic and colourful animation. Samuel Accoceberry