Winner of 2010 NKBA Design Competition. With the warm, welcoming tones of a sprawling family kitchen, this design embraces those who enter to enjoy the almost contradictory view from the windows of a high-rise. A refined version of a rugged farmhouse kitchen was created through the use of copper, stone, and wood. James Howard

Winner of 2010 NKBA Design Competition. This kitchen uses organic shapes, layered lighting, and a casual sitting area seamlessly incorporated into the design. Cabinetry follows a concave bend in the wall. Rounded soffits support the softened lines and distinguish the kitchen from the dining and sitting areas. Horizontal bands are created with stacked upper cabinet doors and base cabinet drawer fronts. Architecturally interesting features stand out against the back partition wall painted to match the cabinetry. Tim Scott

Soothing Spa Bathroom

Tue 06 2010

Winner of 2010 NKBA Design Competition. Entering this master bathroom space feels like stepping into a five-star luxury spa.  Smooth textured spa stones, floating cabinetry and a sand-etched glass closet door offer interesting and unique visual components with an unobtrusive simplicity that contributes to the relaxed environment. Ada Pagano