A stainless steel bathtub contributes an avant-garde utilitarian contrast to the otherwise organic essence of the room. A green approach is at the foundation of the design, and the home, with components such as low consumption plumbing fixtures, gray water recovery, domestic hot water heating, a rainwater recovery retention cistern, over 10 kw of solar photovoltaic panels, along with the selection of post-consumer waste recycled wall tiles and a recyclable stainless tub. Michael Bright

Modern Architecture

Wed 06 2010

Concrete floors, ceiling beams and exposed ductwork give this kitchen a modern and industrial edge, softened by the warm tones of the bamboo, mahogany and walnut cabinetry. Radiant heat flooring, insulated concrete form walls and cabinets made from sustainably harvested wood all contribute to making this a green home. Brian M. Johnson, NCARB

This kitchen centerpiece is an island consisting of three parts: blue cabinets housing the sink, dishwasher and trash compactor, black quartz counter, a smaller black section housing a microwave drawer, blue quartz countertop, and a turned red post with a 3-inch-thick round maple top. White perimeter cabinets and oak flooring add a classic touch to balance the bright colors and rounded shapes. Ines Hanl