New England Niche

Thu 06 2010

This comfortable kitchen greets guests and family at the forefront of a Cape Cod home. A relaxed family environment was created in fluid complement to the Atlantic Ocean, which is viewed through windows running along the back of the home. Pine flooring and reclaimed beech used for the island countertop both add a warm balance to the white in a kitchen that makes the most of the home’s ocean view. Jessica Williamson

A drawer below double ovens, two pullout pantry units above, and hinged stepladder storage to the right maximize the oven cabinet space. The cabinetry and refrigerator maintain a look of warm continuity through the use of butternut wood. The use of copper, hickory, antique bronze, bead board, and granite, as well as a tile backsplash that alludes to the weave in a basket, create a medley of texture, sheen, and color. Thomas David Trzcinski

Luxury Spa Bath

Thu 06 2010

Warm colored marble, natural granite tones, a maple vanity, and an open airy shower and drying area are at the heart of the well-composed welcoming space of this in-home luxury spa. A cabinet, shelf space, and a vanity containing drawers combine to provide stylish storage, while a frameless glass shower with light hued marble tile and flooring gives an expansive appearance to a somewhat limited space. John Sylvestre