A Touch of Culture

Mon 06 2010

Traditional aspects of Japanese architecture  a rare, directed the selection of the Blue Bahia countertop and blue glass tile backsplash. Imported Japanese hardware, textured wallpaper, a wood-lined backsplash, shoji-soft lighting, distressed acacia wood flooring, and new beams appearing to bear signs of centuries of charcoal fire cooking all contribute to the design. The appliances are concealed behind custom panels to create the illusion of a kitchen suited to the home of an ancient samurai. Elina Katsioula


White-Washed Sleek

Mon 06 2010

This large kitchen a wine bar and two beautiful cabinets that house wine refrigeration and a pewter collection. A previously unused corner became a family desk, while another wall is now home to a coffee bar, microwave drawer, icemaker, and a large walnut hutch containing the refrigerator.  Generous space for entertaining and casual dining. Tina Lynne Muller

A classically elegant  in this large kitchen, white linen cabinet with a chocolate glaze, along with cherry islands in a light mahogany stain and walnut glaze, create a comfortable approachability to the room. A commercial-grade cooktop is placed close to the spacious workstations, a sink, and a microwave incorporated into the islands. The granite island top balances the room’s grand scale conveyed by the chandelier, hearth, and ceiling height. Peter Ross Salerno