Adam says that gates can “welcome people rather than act as barriers. Gates should be tactile and enjoyable. They should foster a feeling of excitement as you stand on the threshold”. “To open and close is the fundamental function of a gate, but they must do so perfectly and interestingly”. “Ironwork is like jewellery. Gates in front of a house give you a feeling about the person who commissioned the work, rather like a person wearing contemporary jewellery, it is a way of expressing individuality”. Adam Booth

This striking bowl is the start of a new body of work. This intricate designs are delicate yet still quite a bold statement. The construction of these bowls is very time consuming, bullseye glass 25cm x 25cm. Adam Hussain

Shell bowl

Tue 06 2010

These glass shell bowls are inspired by shell forms, each one being a unique shape created by the mould I make by hand for each new bowl. The glass shell bowls are available in five sizes, with diameters of approximately 70cm, 42cm, 29cm, 20cm or 12cm. Steve Robinson


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