Home Office Deluxe

Wed 07 2010

A magnificent office space added to house and modern technology  this unique octagonal room. Concealed behind the door are pull-out shelves that can be used as additional work surface. A recessed media cabinet frees up floor space. The spacious office accommodates all the conveniences of a custom office. The glazed toffee cabinets with cherry accents create a warm color scheme.  Holly Rickert


Deco in Color

Wed 07 2010

Fun shines bright in a spacious sophisticated family room, as separate but related areas provide comfort, conversation, and interaction. Marble floors with a radiant heat system, a cathedral ceiling, custom light fixtures, and hand-painted pendant halogen lights over the bar and billiard table indigenous art, and sculpture. Sharon L. Sherman

Oasis in a Home

Wed 07 2010

The hammered copper tub was oriented opposite the fireplace. Glass doors behind the tub access the master suite courtyard. An indoor shower is finished in marble and onyx with intaglio accents and shares the space with a glass steam room. Cheryl Hamilton-Gray