Ahead of the Curve

Thu 07 2010

The rounded effects are conveyed through a hood fan with an arch bottom, bowed chairs and stools, bent veneered panels on the island’s back, and a rounded table and bar. Two Sub-Zero integrated refrigerators present a curved stainless image with thick wood as a frame. Richard J. Farrell

This showroom was designed around the idea of a quiet flowing waterfall. What better focal point than one drawn from nature’s own grace and beauty?. Deep brown cabinetry and an island with a reconstituted rosewood veneer contrast blue and green glass with a warm earthy hue. Qualities of nature’s beauty are created with grey stone, polished stainless steel, and glass that result in a showroom display deserving of the front window. Elina Katsioula-Beall

Wall Appeal

Thu 07 2010

With the new design, a central foyer remained at the foot of the basement staircase. Adjacent to this space was an alcove, well suited for a built-in wall unit that would serve in visual focus and function. Four doors finished with diagonal oak veneer, mitered to create a diamond and surrounded by a wide back-beveled frame, create appeal for the exterior. This wall unit shines through as the point where function and furniture meet style. Sheena Hammond


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