The design of this porcelain stoneware range for walls and floors was inspired by nature. Based on an innovative technology the relief surface offers an independent style. The method involves an interplay between the matt and glossy surfaces and produces an optical depth effect. V&B Fliesen GmbH

Vanity Fair

Fri 07 2010

Framed inset cabinetry with traditional fluted detailing, raised sink base panels, and simple wainscot panels for sconces suggest an elegant antique quality. The finish is a fresh white paint a chocolate maple wood floor. Behind the mirror doors at each sink is a medicine cabinet built into angled corners, with enough depth to house daily items. Jack LaRoe Busby

A New Tradition

Fri 07 2010

Sophistication and elegance to this traditional classic kitchen design, hand-carved  moldings, island legs, and mullion doors. Antique glass cabinets are designed to display while the islands, which also provide seating, boast carved reeded legs, intricate base moldings, and Venitino marble tops. This design introduces a new traditional style. Jennie Weiland