Aurea sofa

Fri 07 2010

The cubic form of the Aurea sofa is plain, a functional cushion serves an upright position if required, for example when the sofa is used spontaneously for writing, reading or multimedia use. A swivel function allows the couch to be turned by 90 degrees creating a comfortable relaxing area. Intertime AG

Due to this the seat is wide and offers the user many possibilities of changing his seating positions and also lounging and long stays in the chair. Furthermore, the design of the chair opens up for a variety of colour and material combinations, as the in- and outside can be individually upholstered in different fabric and leather qualities and colours. GlobeZero4 A/S

Lighting series

Fri 07 2010

LAMINA stands for a high-quality lighting series that features a harmonious balance between technical characteristics and a floral design vocabulary. The main elements are twelve individual lamella that form the shade, concealing the illuminant from direct view thanks to their arrangement. Light is guided and reflected by the lateral lamella. Philipp Glass