The basic shape of this chair is created by first bending two-dimensional plywood by hand around a complexly milled solid wood ring to form the back.This chair is appealing both placed in row at a dinner table and as a single object positioned within a space. E15 Design und Distributions GmbH

The Blacklight pendant lamp is characterised by an elegant and purist design vocabulary. It was conceived as a glare-free lamp for direct and indirect lighting of offices and other workspaces. The two colour versions white and black underline the elegance of the lamp. iGuzzini illuminazione

QiVi Office Chair

Mon 07 2010

The aim of the intelligent concept behind this conference chair, with the innovative combination of a flexible backrest and integrated sliding seat technology, QiVi provides free movement and high comfort even when sitting for long periods. The most common positions sitting upright, and leaning back in a relaxed way are ergonomically. Steelcase S.A.

HÅG Futu Task Chair

Mon 07 2010

Is a fully functional task chair with a slim and elegant design,it looks more like a piece of furniture than a purely technical work aid. Its consistent and streamlined exterior does not feature any elements that might disturb its clean visual impression. The chair can be easily and cleanly disassembled. HÅGAdd New

Joco Side Table

Mon 07 2010

With a sophisticated, the wire structure carries the slimline tabletop, seemingly weightless and yet stable. The lasered squares of the round tabletop follow the regularity of geometry. It is the perfect  for a personal lifestyle. Walter Knoll AG & Co. KG

Vladi Side Table

Fri 07 2010

On a network of delicate strands the table seems to float, lightly and precisely. A slim column inside ensures stability. On the tabletop the thread draws fine lines. Models in solid wood and black paint with a soft finish are eye-catchers. Walter Knoll AG & Co. KG

Cuoio chair

Fri 07 2010

The recyclable materials leather and steel are the components of the surface and framework of this minimalist and timeless chair. The flexible back provides the user with high seating comfort, which is even enhanced by the tailored cut. Cuoio comes both with and without armrests, entirely in black or in natural shades of brown. Walter Knoll AG & Co. KG

Stool and Side Table

Fri 07 2010

The stool and the side table surprise the eye and play with the expectations of the viewer, the leather is gathered in soft, sturdy folds. And then it stretches. The ring-shaped trigger for adjusting the height is concealed in the seat. Walter Knoll AG & Co. KG

Single lounger

Thu 07 2010

The design language of the Single lounger is characterised by an interplay of visual lightness and weight. The generously dimensioned back serves both as rest and screen. It defines this lounger as a cosy retreat for hot summer days. Stern GmbH & Co. KG

The Magnus garden furniture range combines the two components teakwood and plastic. The FSC-certified teakwood originates from managed forests. The employed Kettalux resin is a two-component material whose outer layer consists of high-quality resin and the internal core of recycled material. The range includes a chair, an armchair, and tables in three different sizes. Heinz Kettler GmbH & Co. KG