Dormette Sofa Bed

Tue 08 2010

Designed as a multifunctional system this sofa bed allows sitting, relaxing and sleeping in all kinds of variations. Fitted with different mattress qualities and a slatted frame with headrest and footrest adjustment it can be used as sofa, relax lounger and comfortable bed as well. die Collection

Elaborate, curved ornamental seams at the seating and leaning area pick up the contours of the armchair and generate an interesting dynamic appeal. The seating is made up of two halves that are linked together by an axis in the centre so that they are rotatable. Machalke Polsterwerkstätten GmbH


Tue 08 2010

This elegant spotlight is suitable for the lighting of museums, boutiques, showrooms and office spaces. The innovative swivel-joint of the lamp body allows the comfortable adjustment of the lighting fixture. The direction of light is precisely regulated by means of the degree-scale on the casing. iGuzzini illuminazione S.P.A.