Shirvan Collection

Tue 09 2010

A collection with a remarkable and seductive looseness to the designs, that gives the carpets a real liveliness. Woven Legends/Özkent Hali

Bijar rug

Tue 09 2010

The Bijar is a heavy durable rug that has been very popular in the United States. The finest Bijar carpets are woven by Afshar. The rug is thick, very tight and is heavy with excellent wool quality. An excellent rug with a great interplay of soft and dark tones, beautiful colours. SMY (Amin Motamedi)

The Radi De Luxe collection 246 x 338cms, takes a traditional carpet design, the pattern with wool and  silk. As with all Tibetan rugs from Nepal, they can be custom made to any size and color. Jan Kath GmbH