The sophisticated design makes this chair adaptable for numerous applications. The material is in high quality moulded foam. The base is in brushed stainless steel with return swivel. busk + hertzog i/s; Flemming Busk, Stephan B. Hertzog

Dormette sofa bed

Fri 09 2010

Dormitte is a sofa, of relax lounger and a comfortable bed thanks to different mattress qualities and a slatted frame with headrest and footrest adjustment. Dormitte, a modular system which enables sitting, relaxing and sleeping without compromises. die Collection

While armchair

Fri 09 2010

While is a challenge to purpose something new taking off material instead to add, using few elements easy to recognize and located in our memory, but oriented to a contemporary vision. Simplicity and clarity to create the best performing position between seating and backrest. Caprotti S.a.s.