Leopard Mid Back

Fri 11 2010

The world’s most advanced ergonomic seating developed from robotic technology. Based on studies of the skeleton and muscle mechanism of the human body. Leopard gives full support from the moment you sit down to when you stand up. Leopard is ideal for conference rooms and collaborate spaces. Okamura


Fri 11 2010

Hope has a graceful, support structure in cut and bent steel and – depending on the model a variable number of transparent injection moulded polycarbonate arms. These arms support pairs of thin Fresnel lenses in plastic, produced by embossing microprisms onto polycarbonate film for a refraction effect equivalent to that of glass. Luceplan

Organic “River Stone” form is an exciting conversation piece in sophisticated or relaxed surroundings. Can be used with your own glass top. Dimensions: W55 x D34 x H17 inches. Jason Phillips