Nelson coconut chair

Wed 11 2010

The outdoor chair, bent rod base adding even more so to the lightness of the chair. Providing exceptional comfort, the chair is simple, light, transparent, and easily moved.  Nienkämper Furniture & Accessories Inc.


Centiva Sigma

Wed 11 2010

This ultra modern design features strong linear elements in three striking colorations. Simple and sophisticated, Sigma may be installed using square tiles or create a unique look with a plank size. This product is available in popular sizes such as 12”x12”, 18”x18”, 4″x36″, 6″x36″ as well as other custom sizes. Sigma


Wed 11 2010

This simple luxurious italian faucet comes in variety of colors, and they are, chrome, satin gold, black and chrome and white and chrome. The satin gold faucet is very much great if you have neoclassical bathroom interior design or baroque interior. Webert