Outdoor Oasis

Fri 06 2010

It boasts a fully functioning kitchen, an axial garden and several entertaining zones. Having recently completed interior kitchen renovations, the homeowners were enthusiastic about pairing it with a stunning outdoor space. Teakwood cabinetry, honed granite, and bluestone pavers are the materials that define this sleek, natural space. This stunning entertainment and kitchen space has closed the gap between indoors and outdoors and beautifully blended function with nature. Susan Fredman

Entertaining in Style

Fri 06 2010

The designer brought this showcase room together with exceptional materials and attention to the traffic flow based on the shape of the bar top and the beautiful lake view. Opposite the bar is a double-sided fireplace with a hand-carved mantel, above which is a large television.  This complex space feels at once welcoming and demonstratively luxurious in its detail. Peter Harms

Vintage Charm

Fri 06 2010

A subterranean exterior wall provided the perfect natural insulator for wine storage at a consistent 60-degree temperature. Floors and countertops of French limestone, coupled with mahogany wine racks, cabinetry, crown molding, and French doors bring a natural and warm quality to a cellar space. Other key elements are stained, glazed, and distressed cherry moldings and beams, as well as leaded antique glass windows that separate the cellar and tasting areas, making this a wonderfully unified vintage-style space. Peter Ross Salerno

Tequila Sunrise

Thu 06 2010

A high gloss lacquer slab door and a tequila sunrise countertop were the defining bold contrasts that set the tone for this showroom, powder room.  Comfort was not left to chance, with the selection of a bidet-toilet unit featuring a heated seat. A user-friendly space was created through the inclusion of a raised counter area, magnifying mirror and bar stool. Tia Moras

Industrial Innovation

Thu 06 2010

A horizontal grain walnut veneer was used on the cabinets, following a continuous line across the face of the cabinetry, while custom-painted glass is featured on the upper sliding glass doors and on the L-shaped eating ledge. The backside of the island contains 12-inch deep full height cabinets that allow for concealed storage solutions. The restored warehouse effect of the concrete block wall gives the showroom the added attraction of resourceful design and comfortably recreated space. Rosemary Merrill

Pushing the Envelope

Thu 06 2010

The space conveys its downplayed identity as a sleek bar, rather than an obvious kitchen. Some other cool features include a dishwasher concealed behind an integrated leather double drawer panel, an electric cooktop tucked under a portion of the walnut countertop, and a sink hidden from sight with a removable section of countertop. Karen Black

Soothing Spa

Wed 06 2010

The romantic environment is assisted by subtle touches like a tub area filled by a stream of water from the ceiling, a tub decking area for candles and incense, and a small fireplace in the glass container of the wing wall room divider. Smooth spa stones, floating cabinetry and a sand-etched glass closet door offer interesting, unique visual components with an unobtrusive simplicity that contributes to the relaxed environment. Ada Pagano