Walter King Tattoo

Thu 03 2009

The ‘Tattoo’ faucet and tap system has a combination of past and present features which come together harmoniously to create a stunning yet unique design to compliment other decorative features of the bathroom. The uniqueness comes from its tattoo prints that have been laser etched into the sides to add creative detail to the design. Laser etching is a new technology currently emerging into product design and offers wide freedom when adding design detail. Walter Kings2302_11s2302_2

The Aeon flow tap is a unique and distinctive design that steps away from traditional tap designs, which have the tap protruding from the middle of the basin. The Aeon flow design features an off-set approach and the tap is angled in from the side. This simple and stylish approach is entirely different to other currently available tap sets or mixers. The constant stream of the material with soft bends and curves, portrays a sense of serenity and flow through the design. Andrew Hambly s2262_1s2262_2s2262_3

Würfel is a modern range of bathroom fittings exclusively designed for serious users who also enjoysfun and playful ideas. This is a contemporary work of art that passionately assimilates true creativity, functionality and aesthetic. Würfel aims to link up bathroom fittings like the tapware, basin and bathtub to form a closer interaction among them. The design challenges the traditional ways of utilising a bathroom, while allowing sensible playful features to be incorporated. Chin Chia Lims2244_1s2244_2s2244_3

The main aim of this design was to create a sense of styling and selection not seen in the current market place. The desired outcome was a shower that could allow the user to have a number of water saving options yet stood out as a feature piece within a bathroom. Two various water flow states can be chosen through the adjustment of a slider located in the head of the shower. A unique water saving option of a pause button would allow the user to wet themselves, pause, lather up, before rinsing. Lockie Von Mogers2493_1s2493_2

Chris Hardy Sop

Thu 03 2009

The innovation and subsequently the form of Sop is driven by the idea to use shapes that aim to dramatically reduce water consumption. The bath is designed to break with current paradigms to allow it to hug the body while not interfering with the bathing experience. The major features that enable this concept to save as much water as it does are the inclination of the bottom surface coupled with the tapering of the side surfaces towards the feet. Sop can deliver a comfortable bathing experience using only 60 to 70 litres of water. Chris Hardyp2527_1p2527_2p2527_3

Cirrus MVR is a re-locatable modular bathroom built around a central water recycling and purifying unit. The stainless steel module is equipped with a built-in bath, shower, toilet and hand basin. The design intention is to create a bathroom that provides all the services for contemporary bathing and ablution while using a fraction of the water that current bathroom fittings require. Cirrus MVR is a design response for today’s changing climate in Australia. Michael Trudgeonp2484_1p2484_2p2484_3

Wave basin is inspired by the dynamic form and unique cleansing experience of ocean waves. Like a gravity defying ocean wave, water leaves the integrated water spout as a thin parabolic water ribbon that momentarily forms a continuous extension of the basin structure. Together with sensor technology, the design focuses on shifting away from familiar faucet and basin form and user interaction by eliminating the need of any physical and visual intermediate medium which helps leave a more intimate connection between just the user and water. David Fengp2466_1p2466_2