Chocolate Garden

Thu 11 2006

roald-dahl-foundation-chocolate-garden.jpgDesigner: Landscape Management Services/Home Group

Inspiration for this garden comes from Roald Dahl’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Paving in the garden represents the shape of a cocoa pod and some of the plants have a chocolate scent.


work-rest-and-play-garden.jpgDesigner: John Gilbert

Traditional pub table skittles is the unusual focal point in this urban space, where the most is made out of a small outdoor area to enable the owners to work, rest and play in soothing surroundings.

Peace is Special

Thu 11 2006

peace-is-special.jpgDesigner: Jennifer Hirsch

Oak Lodge is a school for children with a wide range of complex learning difficulties. Their gardening programme was so successful that they were inspired to submit a design for Chelsea.

orangenbleu-room-to-be-free.jpgThis garden is divided into three clearly defined areas with a 2m (6.5ft) high rear wall painted a strong and dominant crimson.

outdoor-living-space.gifThe landscape of bluestone walkways and terraces, stone walls and fences, and a pergola and gardens work to unite this complex setting.

Team: Hines/Wasser & Associates; Timothy J. Oldfield & Anderson Landscape Construction

Chic garden

Thu 11 2006

chic-garden.jpgDesigner: Sue Adcock Design

Influenced by Romanesque temples, this symmetrical design also incorporates stylistic planting and modern art. Vertical glass art panels, in neutral tones, represent statues on stone pillars.

ravine-garden.jpgDesigner: Catharina Malmberg-Snodgrass & Frank Gardner

This is a modern garden based on ravine landforms that came about with the retreat of the last glaciers. The garden features native flora, which flourishes in the unique woodland ravine ecosystem.