Stackable chair

Wed 10 2006

stackable-chair.jpgStackable chair made of wood and metal that brings high quality, clean aesthetics, ergonomics and efficient production methods into harmonious balance with one another.

Design by Greutmann Bolzern


chair-and-sofa-modular.jpgchair-and-sofa-modulars.jpg Whether in a private area, a lounge or a foyer, M_sit provides a stylish solution. As an individual element – placed individually or configured as a group – it sets clear design accents. By linking table and sofa, armchairs, “landscapes” can be created for every requirement to make waiting a pleasant matter.

Design: Wolfgang C.R. Mezger


Wed 10 2006

folding-table-system.jpgFolding table system combining slim elegance with aesthetic perfection unites all modern demands and is easy to use. It comes up with new solutions to old problems by deploying the highest degree of structural and creative intelligence.

Design by Korb + Korb:


Wed 10 2006

desk.jpgPinatec desk range with its clear form and flexibility is suitable as management desks, and for use in administration and conference rooms.

Design by Votteler+Votteler:

Bentwodd chair

Wed 10 2006

bentwodd-chair.jpgBentwodd chair with round base (or crass legs) aluminium polished, turnable, plastic mesh in black, havanna or silver. Dimensions: H x W x D: 95 x 48 x 54

Design by Studio James Irvine:

Waste paper bin

Wed 10 2006

paper-bin.jpgA wastebasket with an identity all its own; Bin Bin looks exactly like the contents it is designed to contain, crushed paper. The product is made of hard polyethylene.

Design by Essey ApS:

Folio Wash basin

Wed 10 2006

wash-basin.jpgThe inner basin similarly minimalistic pure. By an accurate folio-wash-basin.jpgcut like a surgical operation the surface is stretched down to one corner, where the water vanishes in a subterraneous slit.

Design by Neunzig design