Devio luminaire

Mon 10 2006

devio-luminaire.jpgDesign: Karsten Winkels

The Devio luminaire provides glare-free lighting. When desired, it also performs the added function of façade illumination.

Elle light

Mon 10 2006

elle-light.jpgDesign: Artemide GmbH

Elle is equipped with compact fluorescent lamps with a high light output, which use little energy, and it is resistant to low temperature.

Empty outdoor light

Mon 10 2006

empty-outdoor-light.jpgDesign: Josep Lluís Xuclà

Empty is an outdoor light available in different sizes. It has a metal structure and is available in rust or silver.

Reeds lamp

Mon 10 2006

reeds-lamp.jpgDesign: Artemide GmbH

Reeds is a bollard lamp for decorative illumination and signalation. Seven thin, very light and flexible filaments made of glass fibre are installed on the lamp’s circular base.

Mouette pendant lamp

Thu 10 2006

mouette-pendant-lamp.jpgDesign: Jean-Michel Wilmotte

Mouette pendant lamp is designed in the shape of a bird’s wing. It is made of one single piece of polypropylene, manufactured in a rotary die-cast process.

One Line table lamp

Thu 10 2006

one-line-table-lamp.jpgDesign: Ora-Ïto

The One Line table lamp follows the design maxim of consistent minimalism and becomes a graphic element in the room due to its ribbon-like form.

ahrend-1200-conference-table.jpgDesign: Meyer en Van Schooten Architecten

The design of the Ahrend 1200 table incorporates integrated lighting in combination with a glass or acrylic surface.