assam-pavina-and-canteen.jpgassam-pavina-canteen.jpgRed Dot Award 2005 – Awarded in the category Glass, ceramics, china

Design: Bodum Design Group

The double-wall tumblers Assam, Pavina and Canteen are made of borosilicate glass, creating the impression of “floating” beverages inside. This particular sort of glass is resistant to temperature shocks, and the glass walls are much thinner than ceramics.


delonghi-vacuum-cleaner.jpgRed Dot Award: Product Design 2005

Design: De’Longhi Industrial Design Center

The XL 1062 E vacuum cleaner has an extravagant design, but also it presents a high level of innovative functionality. According to demands, the cleaner can be turned into a floor unit, a telescope cleaner for inaccessible spaces, or a hand unit for the cleaning of sofas or car interiors

wmf-presto-coffee-machine.jpgRed Dot Award: Product Design 2005

Design: Reinhard Boos

The WMF Presto coffee machine has an innovativedesign. It can prepare all coffee specialties and, by request, hot chocolate with premium quality. The WMF Presto is equipped with a barista cup, a large water tank and a permanent water connection. The coffee machine can be fit with one to three grinders.

side-by-side-refrigerator.jpgRed Dot Award: Product Design 2005

Design: Jeong-Min Kim, Hea-Me Lee

The UPS 05 refrigerator is designed with great aesthetics and functionality. The exterior design can be altered and individually adapted to customer preferences with regard to colour and material. There is a freezing compartment half the usual size for storage of smaller deep-frozen products.


Tue 10 2006

thermomix.jpgRed Dot Award: Product Design 2005

Design: Uwe Kemker, Rolf Strohmeye

The Thermomix TM 31 is a universal kitchen appliance. It combines mixing, mincing, grinding, kneading, weighing, cooking and steam cooking functions in one device. The design concept is based on a compact, closed structure.

solitaire-compact-toaster.jpgRed Dot Award: Product Design 2005

Design: Porsche Design Studio

The TAT 8SL1 Solitaire compact toaster is made of high-grade materials, integrating user-friendly technology. The cool-touch housing consists of stainless steel and dark-blue plastics. An integrated crumb tray can be removed and cleaned easily.

toshiba-cordless-steam-iron.jpgRed Dot Award: Product Design 2005

Design: Toshiba Design Center

The TA-FVX2 cordless steam iron is designed to emphasize the high degree of user-friendliness. The design is focused on the task to give the metal surface for ironing as well as the other parts a reliable impression.