Control spot

Tue 10 2006

control-spot.jpgDesign: Klaus Baulman

The Control is a spot with a sharp architectural basic form. It combines modern materials with matt black and matt nickel metal surfaces.


Every Square light

Tue 10 2006

every-square-light.jpgDesign: Studio Dinnebier

The design of the Every Square features control gear housing and lamp housing that are identical in terms of geometry and dimensions.

F-air light

Tue 10 2006

f-air-light.jpgDesign: David Taylor Metallformgivare

F-air can be wall- or ceiling-mounted, used singularly or arranged as a group, F-air can be fitted, hung on a hook or simply leaned against a wall.

Gritito lampshade

Tue 10 2006

gritito-lampshade.jpgDesign: El Ultimo Grito

Gritito can be put over any pendant lamp without having to unscrew the light bulb first. It is a pendant lamp that is well suited for use over work spaces and tables.

Inside wall light

Tue 10 2006

inside-wall-light.jpgDesign: Eva Louis

The Inside wall light has a special aura suitable for illuminating decorative items. It is designed with a puristic architectural basic form.

Luna lights

Tue 10 2006

luna-lights.jpgluna-light.jpgDesigner: Fernando Prado

The Luna product line consists of a range of ceiling-mounted or floor-standing lamps made of aluminium.

Mesmeri wall light

Mon 10 2006

mesmeri-wall-light.jpgDesign: Eric Solé

Mesmeri wall light features a sculptural and sinuous line of the body. The light is made of aluminium and available in the colours white or chrome.