Cubi Basin

Tue 03 2008


Cubi is a basin that sits partially within the cavity of a standard stud wall. It is a simple design that reduces the basin’s impact on the powder room’s usable area. It is fixed in-between studs not to the face of the stud as in the traditional wall hanging method. Cubi combines 3 essential powder room items in the form of an integrated basin, toilet roll holder and towel rail, creating a package solution for a simple, clear-cut powder room.Mick Moloney



Many household products are now touching on emotion and user experience by means of materials, technology and light. I wanted to use some of these means to enhance the user experience of the bathroom mirror. Going beyond the reflection; growing reflections. When the mirror is in a condensed state, the heated decorative pattern will dissolve the condensation. This will create a “growing or enlarging” effect as the condensation disappears around the pattern. The Ambi – light surround creates a soothing and relaxing ambience.Justin Wagemakers

Leaf Basin

Tue 03 2008

Inspired by the leafs’ ability to channel rain water via its thin surface and provide shelter for what lies beneath, the design draws on these qualities to combine a wash basin together with a laundry trough to save space without compromising its functionality. Consisting of a thin angled lid that pivots on top of a laundry trough, this multifunctional piece offers a space saving package as the main focus of the design.David Feng

Arc combines three functions into one simple, discreet unit. A discreet hot and cold logo is all that indicates a hidden function, inviting the user to interact. A wide (but controlled) plane of water emerges, momentarily extending the arc beyond its metallic form. The mirror pivots along one edge to reveal a concealed storage cabinet. Arc strikes a balance between form and function, highlighting both the preciousness and scarcity of this rich resource, and highlighting the elemental beauty inherent in cascading water.David Goss

Peak Bath

Tue 03 2008


  At a time when consciousness of water conservation is at an all time high, the Peak Bath provides a luxury  bathing experience, using less water than other products. The design is contoured to more closely fit the posture we take when bathing, with a peak rising to fill the spaces below our knees, significantly reducing the volume of water needed for adeep, luxurious bath while creating a striking sculptural statement in your bathroom.Lyndon Craig