This rustic-looking cabana incorporated cedar posts in the framing and facade, stone work on the walls, and metal roofing. The design is simple yet multi-faceted. With the bathroom and shaded areas, it functions as a pool house. The modified kitchen & fireplace are perfect for casual parties, providing storage for pool and lawn equipment.Key Renovations



This kitchen remodel took two small cramped and dated rooms and opened them up to create an amazing, open, & cheerful family gathering place that blends perfectly with the style and grace of the rest of the home. The extraordinary aspect is that to accomplish this, a load bearing second story support wall had to be removed.


Thirty-year resident wanted an updated kitchen with more storage, better layout and an open feel.Cabinets: flat panel oak cabinets w/ pull-out shelves, full extension drawers and a pantry cabinet with pull-out shelves.Lighting: recessed cans and two pendant lights.Servant Remodeling

Residential Kitchen

Fri 03 2008


With  improved  look and functionality . Improved functionality was created by redesigning the layout of cabinets and appliances. Ambient lighting was improved with new windows. Task and decorative lighting were employed to great effect. A full wall height tile backsplash provides a beautiful architectural design element.CabinetMasters


The shade is made of drawn steel and coated with smooth, high-gloss painting. The suspension technology is masculine in construction, creating the right counterbalance to the shades feminine lines. The suspension assembly consists of curved steel rods and two pieces of die-cast, aluminium-zinc alloy coated in matt chrome. De de ce


This beautifully made cheese knife has been cast and forged from stainless steel, with strange shape. Have an excellent weight in the hand. Oliver Smith

Wing is a portable and user-friendly wind turbine made from a foldable material similar to canvas. When the wind turbine is turned into the wind, a small generator turns the mechanical wind energy into enough electrical energy to meet basic human needs. Folded in its carrying case, Wing is easily portable and suited to a way of life independent of any place or socially imposed systems (a nomadic way of life). It produces el. energy without ruining the nature and makes us think that we can take a lot from nature without disturbing its processes. Ines Vlahovi & Mladen Oresic