Bath fitting

Wed 09 2010

Shower Snakeas it can twist and turn in any direction the user desires and it has the rigidity to hold its position. This makes it an ideal style for children, elders, people with a disability and even pets. Unique design of wall. Alex Lee



Tue 08 2010

This table  and two benches are all made using solid wood with metal structures wrapped in climbing rope to hold everything together. The collection is available in indoor and outdoor versions, with bases in waxed steel for inside and zinc plated steel for outside. Nils Holger Moormann GmbH

Has a round shape in which you can sit or relax. The seating comfort is guaranteed by the polyurethane foam cushions with white leatherette upholstery. Seating area into a comfortable bed, so after a delicious lunch with friends you can have a nap. Two functions combined into one object. Extremis NV

Drinking glasses

Tue 08 2010

It is a glass glass suitable for desserts with masculine character, yet with female appeal. EGO

ino Ceiling Light

Mon 08 2010

Stainless steel panels, each one with a centrically arranged radius, presents a momentum of tension. The stainless steel front panel results in an additional, indirect ceiling illumination, and the interior luminary made of high-grade acrylic glass provides an all-around, homogeneous llumination of the room. Grossmann Leuchten GmbH & Co. KG

Circolo Light Series

Mon 08 2010

This versatile lamp, available in pendant, wall, corner and recessed models. The design concept of this light as a simple, basic form.  Whether as a stand-alone item or in combination with other lighting. Sattler Objektlicht

Magna design Gas Hob

Mon 08 2010

Made from brushed steel this hob is as beautiful as it is functional. ATAG Nederland BV