Kid’s furniture

Fri 08 2010

A sofa can be transformed into a mattress, into four modules, even an adult can lie down on the sofa. Parents can read a book to children. It also helps children develop their creativity by playing tangram with their parents.  It is a non-toxic material, totally free of formaldehyde. DESIGNSKIN Inc


Wood Sideboard

Fri 08 2010

The design of the furniture was inspired by the boat building of the Danish Folkboat, the outside of which is clinkered in this way. The cross in the centre is designed in one of the four colours of the collection. All Remix products are handcrafted in the studio. H+H Furniture GmbH

This delicate burnout fabric with regular arranged circles (diameter 14 cm) is equipped with a silk-like shine. Sigma FR, caressing and super transparent, conjures lightness and elegance into the modern living world. Nya Nordiska Textiles GmbH

The rich embossed material adapts to the form and your creative inspiration. This versatile fabric can be used as curtains or as a partition screen. Nya Nordiska Textiles GmbH

This fabric shows large circles on a surface with rhombus-like gaps, which are crossed by a stripe pattern. This alternating arrangement and the changing alignment of rhombuses creates a very dynamic. The circle elements are outlined by effective glazed yarns and Lurex.  Nya Nordiska Textiles GmbH

Athenik LED luminaire

Wed 08 2010

With its sophisticated design when combined with the luminaire body, creates a powerful unit of modern light. Athenik facilitates office work with its pleasant light effect combined with effective glare elimination for computer screen workstations. Trilux GmbH

Single Sofa

Wed 08 2010

The Single Sofa  with two armrests, an upright backrest and a generous seat.  the ideal couch for sitting, lounging  and relaxing, or even sleeping.  Joine Office for Design (Maarten Baptist)