M-Design Audio/Video Component Tower.jpgM-Design’s Centra Audio/Video Component Tower 600 (MD CEN AVT600 BK) is a stylish solution that lets home theater enthusiasts showcase their components without the unsightly aesthetics that can overpower decor.

Design by: Monster Cable Products

NEMUS Plasma Stand

Thu 09 2006

NEMUS Plasma Stand.jpgThe 2-piece steel frame NEMUS Plasma Stand (ES 7543) includes a universal flat panel bracket, which saves the walls of your home. No drills or expensive aftermarket hardware are required.

Design by: Nolen Niu, Inc.


Thu 09 2006

AVDECO E351.jpgThe AVDECO E351 [3-shelf A/V rack for tabletop TVs: 40" ~ 55"], with its Duralumin construction and unique design, provides a stylish, yet sturdy setting for any home theater system.

Design by: Avdeco, Inc.

Athens Digital Library System.jpgAthens offers a remedy for storing jewel and non-jewel cases, while providing a locking compartment for piece of mind.

Design by: Atlantic, Inc.

Central Illuminessence Lighting Table Top Controller.jpgMonster Power Illuminessence Lighting ML-HC300 Table Top Controller for remote controlled automated home lighting, featuring Monster Control MeshNet technology for wireless total home lighting and A/V coverage and control.

Design by: Monster Cable Products

LG TV Refrigerator

Thu 09 2006

LG TV Refrigerator.jpgThe new LG TV Refrigerator (LSC26990) is a unique, one-of-a-kind refrigerator that includes a cable-ready, 15-inch television screen, world’s first in-door icemaker and expansive Digital Contents Display with advanced features.

Design by: LG Electronics USA Inc.

LG Steam Washer

Thu 09 2006

LG Steam Washer.jpgThe world’s first Tromm Washer SteamSence from LG Electronics (model TBD) incorporates steam technology to clean clothes, and uses less water/energy, prevents shrinkage and extends the life of a garment.


Design by: LG Electronics USA Inc.

LG Laundry System.jpgThe LG Electronics Remote Monitoring Laundry System (model: RLM20K) a unique washer/dryer system that allows consumers the freedom and convenience to monitor their laundry cycle remotely, with a small device.

Design by: LG Electronics USA Inc.

Four Door Convertible Refrigerator.jpgSamsung’s Four Door Refrigerator, RM255BARB, provides consumers with four separate compartments each controlled and cooled separately by individual cooling systems/evaporators.

Design by: Samsung Electronics America

Scooba Floor Washing Robot.jpgThe iRobot Scooba(tm) Floor Washing Robot’s innovative four-step cleaning process preps, washes, scrubs and dries hard floors, all at the touch of a button.

Design by: Manta Design


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