Upholstery fabrics

Tue 09 2008

Scalo is a new, asymmetric upholstery fabric with a three-dimensional shell-like structure. The surface of the fabric has a special, complex quality depending on the angle at which it is viewed, the light and the shape of the furniture. Production of the fabric satisfies stringent environmental requirements. Gudbrandsdalen Uldvarefabrikk AS


Tue 09 2008

2 Form Design wishes to create concepts for floor decoration by focusing strongly on aesthetic values and innovation. Sand is a beautiful, sculptural and elegant rug with an exciting relief effect. The rug functions as a decorative element and gives the onlooker an artistic experience, in addition to having an almost therapeutic effect. A knowledge of materials is of key importance, and this is utilized to the fore, just like the choice of colours in the rug. 2 Form Design

The Jøtul F370 range incorporates a slender and elegant design which means the stove is neither towering nor domineering.The stove swivels, and its design can clearly be seen from all sides. Large glass surfaces and side panels give the onlooker plenty of opportunity to see the flames. Various patterned and decorative elements are also available, as too are modular solutions, allowing the user several opportunities to design his/her own stove. Jøtul AS


Tue 09 2008

Figgjo therefore developed a bowl that was practical for buffets and held a lot, but still had aesthetic qualities. The product must function both with and without content and as a decorative element on a table or buffet. Figgjo AS

TASSEN was designed to motivate children’s natural reflexes by activating the muscles close to their joints. The stool is also designed to stimulate physical activity and to inspire children to take part in creative play. The stool’s design has clear roots in the Scandinavian design tradition. The fact that the stool is stackable means it is both decorative and has a personality even when it is not being used. Even stacking the stool is fun.

The chair caters for the user’s need to sit correctly while at the same time training important back muscles. The foot ring provides good shock absorbency and a feeling that one is sitting securely and very comfortably. The innovative part of this product lies primarily in the ball under the chair itself, which not only ensures a correct sitting position, but also helps actively train the user’s back muscles. BackUp AS