Beakers set

Thu 05 2010

Beaker lineblend is a recent idea, born out of Tilla’s work on glaze development and interest in colour. The colour shifts from one end of the group to the other, then is reflected in the opposite direction on the foot ring. The beakers are sold as a set. James and Tilla Waters

Cup and saucer

Thu 05 2010

Cylindrical cup and saucer in contrasting celadon-greens. Dimension 7 x 9.5 cm. Claudia Lis

Stoneware bowls

Fri 05 2010

A collection of stoneware bowls with diam of 7.5×13.5cm, all pieces are hand. Sue Paraskeva

Porcelain bowl

Fri 05 2010

This White porcelain bowl with 20cm diam, it’ s made traditional with forms with no specific meaning but drawing on many sources and cultures. Tony Laverick

Ceramic tableware

Fri 05 2010

Vibrant illustrations of birds, ‘traditional’ landscapes, floral and fauna adorn her own distinct slip-cast bone china tableware that includes tea sets, vessels and vases. These pieces reference established ceramic tableware such as Nantgarw and Swansea porcelain and ceramic souvenirs. Lowri Davies

Three tea bowls, tallest 13cm. All pots shown are either incised and inlaid with oxides, or painted with oxides over the raw glaze. Stephen Brayne

Karen Atherley teapot

Fri 04 2010

Karen distincive and decorative style is influenced by the curvy figures of Greek antiquity. This piece are all intended for use  teapot,are vividly coloured and decorated with flowing mainly female figurative nudes. Karen

I create exotic, luxurious, sensual, serving dishes for the special occasions in our lives, the times when we rise above our daily grind, leave behind the mundane and pedestrian, and bathe in the glow of beauty, friendship and conviviality. Kochevet Bendavid

David Frith Long box

Tue 03 2010

This is one of the best Long box by David Frith. Dimension 25.0 x 11.5 x 7.5 cm.  Look very unique.  David Frith

The beauty large platter. Diameters 10x60x60cm. Hennie Meyer