Wed 09 2008

The Stressless range of reclining sofas and chairs is designed and crafted in Norway. The Sphinx design shown here is available in both the high-back sofa with headrest, and the new low-back version. The wide wooden end sections give the pieces a fashionable look and are padded for comfort. The Taurus reclining chair and footstool match the Sphinx range and have the same, clean, contemporary design. The orange leather used here is just one colour choice from an extensive range. Combined with the seven wood finishes, this allows for the creation of a wide range of styles, from the traditional through to high fashion.

This is the Spirit reclining chair, which matches the Paradise sofa. The Paradise sofas can be joined with a special corner piece to make a large, L-shaped reclining sofa. Scansin International

Overlooking the ocean

Wed 09 2008

Elysee Residences are part of a movement towards large beachside apartments on the Gold Coast.  Elysee Residences

What’s hot?

Wed 09 2008

A cosy fire will always be a focal point in a room, so it makes sense to ensure it complements your decor. This Jetmaster wood-burning fireplace forms a contemporary centrepiece. Jetmaster provides both wood- and gas-burning fireplaces, including balanced-flue fires that draw air for combustion from outside. This provides improved heat performance and air quality. Jetmaster Heat & Glo

Evening wear

Wed 09 2008

A warm grey colour palette, enlivened by a mix of patterns and styles, brings a touch of night-time glamour to this city apartment. Greg Natale

The master bathroom of this summer house set in the desert in southern California was designed by Luis Ortega to be simple, modern and minimalist. From the tub there are views out to the garden. Cool green marble slab and mosaic tiles and polished concrete floors are well suited to the hot climate. Ethnic art and sculpture has been collected by the owners on their travels. Luis Ortega

Reflective outlook

Wed 09 2008

The white decor is offset by a black-speckled granite floor and black-stained floorboards that link through to the master bedroom, which is floored in the same material. The bathroom includes two standing elliptical basins. By backing these onto the mirror, they effectively look like freestanding sculptural forms, matching the nearby freestanding elliptical bathtub.”  Björn Skaptason

Wed 09 2008

The bedhead to double up as a desk, so the homeowners are able to take in a pleasant view when they wake, and while they work.This master suite is on the top floor of the house, which is located on a busy corner. The bathroom and bedroom are visually linked by glass sliding doors, and motorised blinds are installed for privacy. Cabinetry is integrated into the bedroom walls. HYLA, Han Loke Kwang.

Illusion of space

Wed 09 2008

Made from American black walnut, the vanity has a pair of drawers for each of the owners, and a third, communal pair. An open shelf for towel storage adds to the illusion of space. Matthew Bear

Vintage Spa

Thu 09 2008

These homeowners lost a bedroom to gain a bath of spacious luxury, infused with vintage touches that make it truly special. The Woodshop of Avon

The designers gave this bachelor exactly what he wanted: A show-stopping view from his kitchen, which was raised a step to accommodate island plumbing and to create a separate “room.” Wonderful!.