Retro Pendant Rug

Tue 10 2008

Mirroring elements of contemporary art, the Retro Pendant rug from the Pavé Collection puts a striking pattern underfoot. There’s a play of texture too: A supple, mahogany-hued viscose-silk pile contrasts with a sapphire blue cotton-chenille weft. The undulating, jewel-toned lines seem to pop off the muted background, creating a sense of movement. It’s a look that works well with either modern or traditional furniture. Couristan

Onya Table

Mon 09 2008

Onya is table for commercial and domestic interiors. It is an environmentally, socially and economically considered product that segues elegantly in to the world of product design. Hutchinson Wells


Mon 09 2008

Visconte is a Task chair for commercial office settings. Its principal function is to provide ergonomic seating for staff seated at a workstation or desk. Visconte is unique. Okamura Corporation


Mon 09 2008

The principal function of Metrix is to provide a modern commercial workstation system for office environments. What makes Metrix unique is its height adjustability functions which have been applied to a modern and slimline design, look and feel. UCI Manufacturing

Holier Than Thou

Mon 09 2008

Holier Than Thou is a heavenly range of indoor/outdoor Easy Chairs and Tables. Corporate Culture


Mon 09 2008

With a unique profile, the TRAPEZE table base system is available with four foot stances and infinite leg positions along the beam to enable users to gain maximum comfort by positioning the legs where ever required. TRAPEZE can support tables of unlimited length providing endless opportunity for a wide variety of configurations and table widths of up to 1800mm. Thinking Ergonomix