Cirrus MVR

Tue 03 2009

Cirrus MVR is a re-locatable modular bathroom built around a central water recycling and purifying unit. The stainless steel module is equipped with a built-in bath, shower, toilet and hand basin. The design intention is to create a bathroom that provides all the services for contemporary bathing and ablution while using a fraction of the water that current bathroom fittings require. Cirrus MVR is a design response for today’s changing climate in Australia. Cirrus MVR is a wonderful asset that looks modern. Michael Trudgeon p2484_31p2484_11


The bathroom can be an exciting area of the home to design for as it involves numerous challenges that must be resolved and incorporated into the final design, including heavy frequent use, cleanliness and ease of cleaning, space, and of course water. The ‘Water Bar’ incorporates all mixer elements into one, where you pre-set your temperature by turning valves incorporated into the faucet, then lift the water spout, also acting as the lever, to start the water flow. This ultimately simplifies the process of using the faucet on a regular. Sydney Gil ‘Aaron’ Avilas2508_1s2508_2s2508_3

The faucet is conventional in operation as each function- the hot tap, the cold tap and the spout become a branch of the sculptural chrome tree. Its organic aesthetics are an everyday reminder of waters importance as a natural resource. Alexander Nichollss2469_1s2469_2s2469_3

Torn is a free standing basin that draws influence for its unique form from the intriguing power and force of nature. The long flowing lines blend with the deformation of the body to create the effect of motion which is designed to give life to the bathroom setting. This connection to nature is continued with the shallow design of the basin top encouraging the user to be conscious of their water consumption. Sustainable design has been considered with the basin body constructed from injection moulded recycled polypropylene. Matt William Simpsons2430_11s2430_2s2430_3

The future of bathrooms should accommodate for the growing desire of consumers to personalise and customise their design of the bathroom environment. The main concept of the aesthetic flexibility is to give the consumer more options so that they can match their shower to the rest of their bathroom and house. This is the reason for the coloured slats that also serve as the mounting bracket for the shower head. These slats are colour coded and matched to the individuals existing style and colour scheme. Sebastian Clarke Bradilovics2418_1s2418_2s2418_3

The design is inspired by minimalism and attempts to reveal elegance in a simple, pure form. The asymmetrical design of the faucet provokes interest and grants it ornamental qualities. Swept back lines and subtle angles give an otherwise static object an underpinning sense of dynamic motion. The form combines simplicity and elegance, as well as acts as a bathroom centrepiece. Colour changing LED’s are mounted in the head of the faucet and illuminate the flow according to the temperature of the water. James Lee Zollos2367_1s2367_2s2367_4

Edward Taylor Gemini

Thu 03 2009

Concealing a core of innovative design, the simplistic cloak of the gemini provides the best of both worlds to the everyday consumer. Combined with a one-touch lateral operating valve system, the gemini boasts an on-board wall diverter capable of switch seamlessly from an invigorating jet to a therapeutic cascade at a flick of a finger. The gemini takes this duality to the next level using consumers’ tactile prowess but denoting temperature by shape and haptic response alone. Edward Taylor s2344_1s2344_2

Walter King Tattoo

Thu 03 2009

The ‘Tattoo’ faucet and tap system has a combination of past and present features which come together harmoniously to create a stunning yet unique design to compliment other decorative features of the bathroom. The uniqueness comes from its tattoo prints that have been laser etched into the sides to add creative detail to the design. Laser etching is a new technology currently emerging into product design and offers wide freedom when adding design detail. Walter Kings2302_11s2302_2

The Aeon flow tap is a unique and distinctive design that steps away from traditional tap designs, which have the tap protruding from the middle of the basin. The Aeon flow design features an off-set approach and the tap is angled in from the side. This simple and stylish approach is entirely different to other currently available tap sets or mixers. The constant stream of the material with soft bends and curves, portrays a sense of serenity and flow through the design. Andrew Hambly s2262_1s2262_2s2262_3

Würfel is a modern range of bathroom fittings exclusively designed for serious users who also enjoysfun and playful ideas. This is a contemporary work of art that passionately assimilates true creativity, functionality and aesthetic. Würfel aims to link up bathroom fittings like the tapware, basin and bathtub to form a closer interaction among them. The design challenges the traditional ways of utilising a bathroom, while allowing sensible playful features to be incorporated. Chin Chia Lims2244_1s2244_2s2244_3