Interior Private Residence Dublin 6Interior Private Residence Dublin 6

Interior Design 2007 Living Space Award for a modern reconstruction of a private house in Dublin from Maria McVeigh MIDI Interior Designer.

perfectionralaxing.jpgModerna Lifestyle Laminate Flooring systems (7mm) offer quality along with a beautiful appearance and exceptional performance characteristics including tight seams and strong joints along with sealed edges that ensure greater moisture resistance. The technique uses a simple rotating movement. The two panels are gradually joined and then snap firmly together. Innovative tongue and groove joinery system enables planks to ‘click’ securely into place. Fast & easy installation. Easy to clean too!


It seems that ‘Zaishu’ is Japanese for small seat. It also functions as a small table and storage box. Requires no tools or problematic fittings like nails, screws or adhesives. Made from plywood “ideally salvaged from construction sites”, the seats simply slot slot together, in an operation that can be completed in as little as 11 seconds! Requiring no packaging, the seats are designed to take on a used patina, with he external artwork has been created a variety of designers and artists from Australia, Japan, Korea, and Italy.

room-additions-above-100000.jpgDesign: Cruickshank, Inc.

This project features a new kitchen with adjacent family room, an uninterrupted kitchen work triangle, larger laundry room, wet bar, mixed finishes on the kitchen cabinets and a small home office.

Soy Luxe

Mon 10 2006

soy-luxe.jpgDesigner: Customweave Carpets + Rugs Pty Ltd

Handtufted 100% Soybean fibre wall to wall cut pile carpet and rugs for residential and high end commercial use.

powered-by-nature-rugs.jpgBronze winner in the Sustainable Design category.

The Pond Collection

Fri 10 2006

the-pond-collection.jpgGold winner of the Carpet, Modular category.

Silk Tie

Fri 10 2006

silk-tie.jpgGold winner in the Carpet, Modular category.

angela-adams-collection-tile.jpgBronze winner in the Carpet, Modular category.

Foreign Intrigue

Fri 10 2006

foreign-intrigue.jpgBronze winner in the Carpet, Modular category.