Wed 12 2009

A beautiful interpretation of a truly traditional nomadic design, the quality is incredible!. Bakhtiari 115 x 145cm. Aghamiri Persian Rugs


Wed 10 2009

Gabbeh has long pile and abstract designs. Since the carpet is very thick and heavy, it was used as sleeping-mattress. The designs are made by the nomads, who pick on their experiences and adventures during their migrations and work them into their designs. Gabbeh, 154 x 201cm. Zollanvari AGcarpet1


Wed 10 2009

The clear winner… the nomadic tradition is truly expressed in the diamonds… well controlled colour and exceptionally woven. Heidarian Carpetcarpet

Antique Carpet

Tue 10 2009

The genuine thing and very rare… a real old Tulu full of charm and character with even the old restorations intact. Best Old Antique Carpet. Bereket HaliAntique Carpet


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