Welcome! For bespoke furniture carefully made by hand in solid wood. To create an elegant and simple bed with matching cabinets, and now living happily ever after in a castle!. Tim Hawkins

Derrick’s personal style incorporates flowing curves and geometric shapes creating distinctly contemporary pieces of the highest quality. Unique, modern and comfortable. Derrick  Ibbott

The Stingray, to nature’s curves and to her comfort, the Stingray Birch is sumptuously contoured in beautiful birch. The natural grain accentuates the luxurious form of this charming and very practical wooden interior sculpture. Jolyon Yates

Garden Funnel Chair

Thu 12 2009

Striking but comfortable chair in fumed air-dried oak, the funnel chair to order in three sizes and various timbers for internal and external use. The natural beauty of wood is enhanced.  Angus Ross

Chest of drawers

Wed 11 2009

This elegant, functional piece of furniture chest of drawers a series of spacious drawers in American black walnut, burr maple and ash.  Mark NewsonChest of drawers


Mon 11 2009

A pair of side table in Sapele, Anigre, Boxwood and Mother of Pearl. The table were commissioned by the parents for each of their two children. Andrew Varahtable

Small Vases

Fri 10 2009

Special effect result in collectable piece of quality and originality. The finest of modern ceramics many colour and design as for small vases 17cmH . Caroline & Stephen Atkinson-JonesVases