Camille Seating

Fri 12 2010

Camille guest seating offers uncomplicated, slim lines that are complementary to nearly any design style. Camille’s elegant profile provides a new level of adaptable sophistication in wood side chair seating. Gunlocke

Crescent View

Fri 12 2010

This Crescent View is a work of modern art. This streamlined, no-fuss design exemplifies contemporary styling to create a cool, clean look that’s also calm and inviting.  Kichler Lighting

Gehry Color Cubes

Fri 12 2010

Twist cube are palette for the Color Cubes red, yellow, green, blue, magenta adds a jolt of color or an entire rainbow to any space. The sculptural cubes, made of roto molded polymer, are perfect for indoor or outdoor use. Heller Inc

Bardot sofa

Thu 12 2010

Inspired by the feminine silhouette, Hayon wanted the sofa to “feel like a fruit, tender to the touch,” while at the same time be extremely durable . The comfortable and functional Bardot retains an impressive elegance regardless of its location. Bernhardt

Bar stool

Thu 12 2010

Seat in rotational-moulded polyethylene. Footrest in chromed steel. Hula Op is a stool designed for  bars, meeting and  for kitchen. It is non-toxic and totally recyclable. IBEBI

Perillo lounge chair

Thu 12 2010

Crafted from one continuous sheet of material, the seat surface, backrest and armrests offer an uninterrupted line that forms an ultra modern comfortable chair. Chair with eye-catching futuristic design which offers flexibility and superb comfort. Dauphin

It is made in its entirety of silicone, an illuminating material which is heat, as well as flame, resistant and gives a special effect while burning a tea light. The Mood Flame is intended for burning a standard tea light. The  with  an modern design and is available in 4 colours; cerise, green, taupe, white. Royal VKB

Air Table Lamp

Wed 12 2010

The result is a shade and a base all in one that transmits visual stability and esthetic.  It is manufactured from thin sheets of veneer and available as table or wall lamp in different colours. Ray Power, LZF Lamps

Cushion cover

Wed 12 2010

This cushion cover is of a jacquard-woven quality: it is the result of a method by which several viscose and polyester yarns are woven on a fine polyester warp. The cushion cover is available in ten fresh and appealing colours. Are the expression of a new trend. Bervision GmbH

Gourmet Faucet

Tue 12 2010

Faucet that bringing a touch of stylish simplicity into any home. Elkay