Outdoor Wallpaper

Fri 11 2006

outdoor-wallpaper.jpgDesigner: Susan Bradley

This innovative and ingenious design for laser-cut decorative patterns in a variety of materials is applied in relief to almost any exterior (or interior) surface.

Winner of the “Graduate Designer of the Year” category


Fri 11 2006

amaya.JPGDesign: dpa lighting consultants

The name ‘Amaya’ means ‘without boundaries’. The result – a stunning lighting ingredient to compliment the entire Amaya dining experience.

Winner of the “Lighting Installation” category

41-millharbour-weston-homes.JPGDesign: Connections in Design

The designers were asked to create a luxury environment. The result: whether relaxing, entertaining or working, this apartment really does have everything.

Winner of the “Show Home Interior” category

Contemporary country

Fri 11 2006

contemporary-country.jpgDesign: Acres Wild

A bold, simple and understated garden to provide a contemporary setting for a barn conversion and enhance its dramatic location.

Winner of the “Garden Design” category

kitchen-in-the-biddle-cursi-house.JPGDesign: Kitchen Clinic and Peerutin Architects

The kitchen offers simplicity, functionality, practicability – and, above all, glamour, highlighting the fact that kitchens are for so much more than cooking.

Winner of the “Single Room Interior” category

Georgian Townhouse

Fri 11 2006

georgian-townhouse.JPGDesign: John Minshaw Designs

Using oversized furniture and selecting antiques, the designer has allowed the architecture of the building to speak for itself.

Winner of the “Classical Residential Interior” category

Bourgie Lamp

Thu 11 2006

bourgie-lamp.jpgDesign: Ferruccio Laviani for Kartell

Of classic inspiration, revisitng the classic baroque lamp, the revolutionary characteristic of Bourgie is that it is made entirely of transparent polycarbonate.

Winner of the “Lighting Product Design” category

Wave sideboard

Thu 11 2006

wave-sideboard.jpgDesign: Pinch Design

The design marries a highly decorative sculptural element with a commercial minimalist aesthetic to create a dynamic though calm piece of furniture.
Winner of the “Furniture Design” category

Cantilever seat

Mon 11 2006

cantilever-seat.JPGDesign: Citysquared

Cantilever is made entirely of stainless steel using a combination of high-tech and traditional techniques, and it is 100% recyclable.

Winner of the “Outdoor Product Design” category

Stone Radiators

Mon 11 2006

stone-radiators.JPGDesigner: Marble Heating Co Ltd.

Stone radiators are a result of modern scientific advances, combined with ancient knowledge of using natural stones as heating elements. They can be made into any shape, with different finishes and 30 different colours.

Winner of the “Bathroom Product Design” category