Express Downlight

Fri 07 2009

Express is a flexible and harmoniously shaped downlight for direct illumination. The fitting can be pulled out and specifically aligned. The series is available with various frames for one, two or three elements. iGuzzini illuminazioneExpress Downlight

Vacuum Cleaner

Thu 07 2009

The DC22 cylinder vacuum cleaner has a compact design. It is up to one third smaller than other vacuum cleaner types of the same manufacturer. In addition, a patented cyclone technology was developed into the so-called core separator. Absorbed dirt passes three levels of separation. Particles at a size of up to 0.3 micrometre such as bacteria and pollen are separated from the air. The vessel is hygienically emptied at the push of a button.Very rarely I vacuum my apartment, Yes, that is true. Dyson GmbHvacuum cleaner

This sanitary ware series coloured in pink embodies a joyful colour concept. In contrast to pure white the colour selection is adopted as a statement. The shape of two water drops was the essential source of inspiration for its design. Bathtub and washbasin feature an ergonomically curved shape expressing an inviting offer to use them in pairs. Saturnbath Co. LtdSanitary Ware

Myon Easy Chair

Tue 07 2009

The Myon compact swivel chair finds many different uses. With its unconventional and attractive design, it turns into a stylish enrichment in living ambiences and other spaces. An interesting design detail is the variety of back constructions challenging the viewer’s perception. Insert modules allow a large number of different combinations and individual variations.Chair



Tue 07 2009

Sting is a soft yet strong, naturally fire retardant upholstery fabric . Penny LovattSTING FABRIC

Largo modular sink

Mon 07 2009

The design principle of the Largo modular sink features an oversized basin and a generously dimensioned drainboard that appears to be carved into a single piece of stone. Another aesthetic eye-catcher is the glass cutting board, which can be moved across the entire width of the sink. When inserted it is flush with the faucet bank. The new sink module Largo M-100. Undermount fitting par excellence – the Solido range. Signus  NanoGranite, the sign of successful design is beautiful. Schock GmbHLargo modular sink

Its oval shape recurs in the moulding of the ceramic, the fittings and the décor design of the furniture. Bellied curves correspond with shimmering surfaces in pink, white and black. Since mimo was developed for small dimensions in particular it is a space-saving and flexible furniture. The deep bathtub for example requires only little space and is also suitable for showering. The high-gloss surface of the vanity units is made from recycled materials. The design of this complete bathroom is appealing and harmonious. Laufen Bathrooms AG Laufen Complete Bathroom