Fri 03 2008

The collection is made from recycled wine and beer bottles, but isn’t like some of the boring, old, recycled glassware seen before. Instead, the beauty of these pieces comes from their organic shapes and frosted original colors juxtaposed with hard, sharp angles, giving them a luxurious feeling. Two Chardonnay bottles becomes a carafe and beer bottles are transformed into drinking glasses. Tord Boontje and Emma Woffenden

Torlo set

Thu 03 2008


Table set with a sculptural character. Simple elegant and a perfect round shape. Simone Stocker.

2F Chair

Wed 03 2008


The chair is a combination of the designer’s visual views and his life-long study on construction. The designer is known for his other light-weight foldable chairs – so the 2F chair is a continuation of his design thinking. It also has an ecological aspect which has been important to the designer.Hannu Kahonen

Pear vase group

Wed 03 2008


A range of hand-thrown bowls, vases and tableware is produced in two stoneware clays, with combinations of celadon and iron-saturated glazes. Beauty through use’ and the demand for fine craftsmanship are the motivations for potting. Suleyman Saba

Mug Shots

Wed 03 2008


This tableware can adapt and ‘multifunction’ to suit contemporary living. The cup has been integrated with the saucer and therefore can stack on top of another. The small cream jug can function as a lid to the sugar pot to become a tidy set.Louisa Taylor


Wed 03 2008


An exploration of the relationship between shape, volume and negative space, drawing on nature but not emulating it.Tina Vlassopulos

Tied Boxes

Wed 03 2008


“My making techniques and influences are varied. The art and design of the Far East is the strongest inspiration at present.
Contrasting elements are an important part of my work. This may materialise in loose decoration or soft glazes over tight forms, or in the use of non-ceramic materials.”Jonathan Wade