smartys-wall-and-ceiling-lights.jpgSmartys are wall and ceiling lights with a low voltage halogen technology and they come in three versions. The basic material of the housing and the heads of the spotlights are hand brushed in aluminium and finished in polished aluminium. The housing cover is made of enamelled steel sheet, available in different colours. The composition of the various materials adds a high-grade, exciting appearance to these lights. The Smarty Twin wall light is equipped with a 150-VA electronic transformer and two Osram Ministar illuminants with axial reflector.

The Smarty Spot wall and ceiling spotlights feature a 60-VA electronic transformer and an Osram Ministar illuminant with axial reflector. With the swivelling spot head, the Smarty Spot offers a directed and selective illumination. The Smarty Moon wall light is equipped with a 60-VA electronic transformer and an Osram pin base light. The lateral light outlet in the spot head emphasises the enamelled surface and casts a moon shaped light effect on the wall.



Fri 12 2007

viteo_shower.jpgThe VITEO_Shower has a clear, functional look and was designed for use in the garden, at the poolside and on the patio. The user’s body weight forces the water to sprinkle up into the air for several feet from the outer rim of the footplate before “raining down” softly in the centre, thus creating a sensuous shower experience. The white footplate is 78 cm in diameter and is made of UV-resistant, non-slip plastic; the substructure is enclosed by a stainless steel ring. Water is supplied via a conventional garden hose with a Gardena connector.

vt-260-canister-type-vacuum-cleaner.jpgThe design of the VT 260 is the continuation of the Vorwerk canister-type vacuum cleaner in modern form. Its ergonomic design and compact dimensions make it easily manoeuvrable and ideal for working in tight spaces. Additional manoeuvrability is possible thanks to the 360-degree rotational ability of the suction hose. For ease of use the controls have been mounted on the upper side of the appliance. When the lid is lifted all the filters are clearly visible and easy to replace. The canister-type vacuum cleaner has a power consumption of 900 watts and a filter volume of 4.5 litres. The upstream filter system comprises a triple-layer filter bag, motor protection and an activated carbon filter, as well as a sub-micron particulate air filter of the S category. The expelled air is cleaner than the ambient air and this makes the VT 260 suitable for people with allergies. Despite low power consumption, the VT 260 has strong suction.

Skills knife series

Fri 12 2007

skills-knife-series.jpgThe Skills knife series is an innovative design of Dutch origin. Each knife is well balanced and has a comfortable feel. An ergonomic shape follows the shape of the hand exactly and the anti-slip material ensures that it is safe to hold. The bolster and the blade are made of a single piece of stainless steel with high carbon content (X50 Cr Mo V15). This makes the knives solid, sharp-edged, rust-resistant and flexible. The damask Santoku knife is a speciality: its blade is notched, so that sliced food simply slides off the knife. The core of the damask steel blade is forged from high-grade VG-10.

Ego soup spoon

Thu 12 2007


The design of the Ego soup spoon reconceived the principle of scooping soup, since this soup spoon scoops from all sides. This drop-shape spoon projects perkily from the soup communicating an elegant and unconventional look. The soup spoon can be used in a common pot or in an Ego soup bowl made of porcelain. It is made of 18/10 high-gloss, stainless steel with hollow handle.



With different modules in one height, two depths, and three widths, the Performanuf storage system can be combined according to individual preferences. Thanks to the wave-shaped recesses in the upper part of the modules in which the felt-covered skids of the module bottom parts can glide back and forth, it is possible to shift the elements without effort. The front hatches feature a fine aluminium panelling and can be opened with a slight push. Performanuf modules are available veneered in walnut or oak, in pink or green natural rubber, or in grey, black or white linoleum.

Challenge chair

Thu 12 2007

challenge-chair.jpgThe characteristic feature of the formed wood chair Challenge is its enclosing and flowing profile, emphasised by the veneer layers. The formed wood technology allows legs, back and seat to blend smoothly. The core of the chair is a triangular aluminium profile which harmonises the different veneer layers, creating an aesthetical contrast with the living material wood.

Delica tray

Thu 12 2007

delica-tray.jpgThe Delica tray combines ergonomics and poetic qualities, and its respect for form reflects a restrained and modest approach. The tray is made of natural wood, layered and pressed, and is intended to bring people into contact with natural objects.

gingerbread-collection.jpgPaola Navone is the exception on the Italian design scene. For the past thirty years she has been a welcome feature of the otherwise male-dominated Italian design elite. Navone works as an interior designer and consultant to furniture and material manufacturers. In her designs she always tries to combine modern design with traditional handicraft. For Italian furniture company Lando the designer created the Gingerbread furniture series.Her Gingerbread collection for Lando has surrealist, theatrical touches and looks almost childlike.

The Gingerbread collection rediscovers the decorative power of wood trough unusual shapes, materials and styles to create fascinating contemporary effects. Part of the collection is this gorgeous bookcase, which is made of rough, solid wood supported by white ceramic vases.


Paris-based industrial designer Arik Levy has been a regular on the design scene for a couple of decades, designing sofas and chairs for big guns such as Vitra and Ligne Roset, but his recent collection for Baleri Italia have brought him firmly into the limelight. With his company L Design, he likes nothing more than cribbing materials from unlikely industries and turning them into pieces of design.

Inspired by the art of origami, the ‘folded’ table is yet another in a recent line of impressive designs by arik levy.

available in two heights, this rectangular coffee table is supported by a chromed or stainless steel base, and has an .5″ thick plastic top made using ‘carousel moulding’ – a process which allows a full consistancy of materials and a polished surface.

the three-dimensional table top is something to be admired, with it’s asymmetrical sloping planes – like, naturally, a sheet of folded origami paper – which creates a diamond-like effect when light is shined upon it. and yet, the inclinations are very slight, so you wont have to worry about things sliding off. Arik Levy.