The furniture is made from bamboo laminate sheets and straschnow has designed an interlocking system of component parts in order to assemble each piece with dry mechanical fastening rather than glue and screws. the interlocking components allow the furniture to be flat packed. Jair Straschnow

Usually a chest of drawers consists of an exterior frame, back panel and runners on each drawer. The height is limited to the size of the frame and the drawer can only be opened in one direction. ‘Stack’ is offered in two standard sizes (8 drawer unit and 13 drawer unit) together with two multi-colour variants. Shay Alkalay

Office Chair

Tue 04 2010

We want a comfortable chair, its innovative kinematic spine bends and flexes to your every move. There’s nothing to tilt, nothing to tweak. adjustable office chair is like the driver’s seat of a car. Herman Miller Inc

Hannah wardrobe

Mon 04 2010

The wood is first assembled as a mould and then the composite casting material is layered inside. Once this is set, the wooden mould is opened up, turned inside out and used to create the opposing side to the cast. The two sides are then bolted together using mould making fasteners. Peter Marigold

Super modern office furniture collection from the design duo Pearson Lloyd that is intended to keep people productive in all areas of the office.  A collection of simple modular benches. Pearson Lloyd

Pallet Furniture

Fri 04 2010

Studiomama has created a series of lighting pieces and furniture that re-imagines this simple wood product. the ‘pallet’ series features chairs, lights and stools and the instructions for most of the pieces are available to purchase. These ubiquitous, rough pieces of discarded packaging are transformed into clean-lined products designed to be manufactured in a unique manner. Nina Tolstrup

Sprawling invitingly in reclined elegance, the Breathe sofa is everywhere, every function, every occasion, and every place. Equally at home inside or out, this lounging, languid body at full stretch presents a hammock of opportunity, a canopy of chill draped across a month of lazy Sundays and eternal afternoon naps. Helen Kontouris


Fri 04 2010

The cascading geometry can be arranged in multiple configurations, with the look of a deconstructed Rubik’s cube. Polytopia is made from recycled plastic using standard rotational moulding techniques.  Lucas Chirnside